This blog is a father's message to his son. An older, conservative, some would say cantankerous father's message.

I often think "I'll tell Jack about that when he's older."

My father sat down in his chair and died. My neighbour, younger than me, sat down in his van and died. Cancer has tried twice to take those I love and luckily failed. It dawned on me eventually that I might not be here to tell Jack.

So this blog is for Jack in case I'm not here to say it personally. I'll capture those messages, organise them, and hopefully share them when the time comes. That time is teenage: the target of this blog is advice to teenage boys.

Here you will find no political correctness; new age, mystical claptrap; post-modernist spineless relativism; or Californian everbody-gets-a-hug inclusiveness. Digging implements get called spades: the focus is on equipping a boy to be a man in a harsh and ruthless world that may just get a lot uglier by the time he's adult.

My father was a good strong man, but he never said much. I plan to provide more guidance to my son.

I share these thoughts with the world in the hope that other sons may find it useful, and other parents too.

If you disagree with the views expressed here, feel free to say so... nicely. People who want to enter into civilised discussion and debate are welcome. Those who want to argue and abuse wll be edited or deleted mercilessly: this blog is not a democracy. [Actually you can't any more - I blocked comments. Too many weird folk out there. If you want to discuss, you can still contact me]. Better still, if you don't like it read something else. There are one or two other blogs on the internet.

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