Money matters

Kid of the week There are two things that really matter, Jack: love and money. Which is more important? your arm or your leg? Both are. In the same way don't let people tell you love is all that matters or money isn't important.

Without some sort of financial independence you can't have the freedom to enjoy the love in your life to the full and you can't provide for your loved ones as you would wish.

On the other hand, the pursuit of money for its own sake is a sickness. And so is measuring wealth as being richer than others. Know how much money you need and seek it for waht it gives you and your loved ones, not for its own sake.

But do seek it. Freedom is NOT "nothing left to lose". Freedom is being able to lose and still have enough left.

When you are twenty you can live on love. But not when you are thirty or forty with kids. Get the money before then - don't leave it until then. In your teens and twenties you have limitless energy, wild enthusiasm, over-confidence, fearlessness, and time enough to fail a few times. Get started on the money. Love will come.